Princesse Pearl 5.5 – 6mm Starter Necklace


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Princesse Cultured Pearls are the perfect way to preserve memories of special occasions. Over the last six decades, Princesse Cultured Pearls have gained a reputation as the very finest in the industry. The assurance of superior quality and consistency in matching is one that people have come to rely on. Giving a beautiful Princesse necklace is as easy as it is affordable. Pearls can be added a few at a time or several inches at once. A Princesse Cultured Pearl offers a perfect combination of fashion, sentimentality and quality. Princesse pearls are the prefect gift that keeps growing.

Princesse Pearl starter necklace, on a 14kt white gold chain, more pearls can be added as your strand grows, fine Japanese Akoya pearls, our best quality, selected for their luster and slight rose hue. In stock and available for immediate shipping.

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